How The Process Works

Contact. The very first step you will make is making contact with us. All of our information is listed under our contact page. Alternatively, you can request a free property inspection, so we can schedule an appointment to assess your damages and look over your policy.

Contract. Once we have established that there is substantial damage, we offer you a contract to sign. This contract is giving permission for Day Adjusting & Consulting to represent you as a policyholder and speak to your insurance company on your behalf.

Gathering Data.  The next step is to “scope” the property; which includes taking pictures, measurements, and other information about your damages.  This can be done the same day of your free inspection, or when you’re ready.  We work six days a week and have flexible meeting hours, so it should be easy to come to an agreement on an appropriate time.

We file your claim for you.  Next, we make contact with your insurance company by sending in the appropriate forms and send them our professional assessment of damages that we saw.  Typically, this is when the insurance company will send out their staff adjuster or independent adjuster to assess the damages and write up an estimate on their behalf.  We meet with the insurance company’s adjuster for an “inspection” at your property to help him/her see all of the damages.

Negotiation. We do all of the negotiating for you.  Negotiation time can range from a few days to a few months, it just depends on how efficient your insurance company is.  During this process, our office staff will contact them almost daily by phone and e-mail to check the status of your claim, and to ensure that they are working on it steadily.  

Settlement.  This is the final stage. There will be an agreement made for a fair allotment to fix and restore the damage we found.  The insurance company will usually, within days of the settlement, issue a check by mail, to you and your Public Adjuster to cover your damages and costs.